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Looking to get your Renault clio sunroof repaired then you have found one of a few companys which carry out this kind of work without going back to the main dealers.


No matter if your five miles down the road or two hundred miles away this is one webpage which is here to help you. I have repaired sunroofs for 31 years and spent many hours repairing clio sunroofs.

This last 12 months i have covered 35000 miles on mobile repairs. People often ask me is it a major problem with renault clios? Sorry to say no its not its due to the age of the car, most cars we repair are six years or more old.

The sunroof has a gasket type seal on they underside of the frame which meets the metal of the car roof. Over time the seal will fail in most case's, this is down to age. Lets say your head gasket went on your engine you will lose water same with sunroof gasket only you gain water every time it rains. The problem is with your head gasket you can go to almost any garage and get a price for a repair, as with a sunroof repair its finding someone to carryout the repair other than the dealers.

                                 IMPORTANT NOTICE


     After 12 years and 370000 miles traveled repairing clio sunroofs we have decided we can no longer offer a warranty due to the fall in the number of repairs been booked in.                                                                                            




At Betta Windscreens we do more than just fix the leak,


Once the sunroof has been removed its often found that the roof has worn into the paint.

Should this be the case we will apply our fast drying primer.

We will remove and clean top seal and frame, all moving parts will be lubricated eg handal and hinges to cure rattals.

Should  hinge seals need replacing this will be done at no extra charge to you. All screws will be checked for tightness before the sunroof is refitted. Once the sunroof is back in the car we will check drains are working make sure the bulkhead is not blocked. Then before we do the invoice we will lift the carpets and remove as much of the rain water useing our wet vac plus give advice on the best way to dry whats left in the car.


No matter how bad things look whether you, your partner or  local garage has had ago at trying to fix it just let us know, our van is full of spares so we will never get caught out. So no need to worry things are not as bad as they seem

EST 1988

clio sunroof repair before the fix.


Looking at this photo you would think it was raining outside.

infact its not rained all week. Due to the amount of water in the car come winter time it will cause your car to condensate. And as the temperature drops below freezing you will be scraping the ice from the inside as well as the outside.thats why it's very important to get it right first time as it's your hard earned cash that you are spending. Here are some things that may help you choose.


First of all if the repairer you choose say that you need a new top seal and thats going to cure the leak i can assure you that it is not the case. It s very rare you need a top seal. If you are told sealing the glass shut is the solution then don't do it that's not the problem either. The problem is the under frame and they only way to stop the leak is to take the complete sunroof out. I often come across sunroofs where  garages have sealed around the frame without removing the roof. Take my advice and walk away should you be told this is the solution. This is only a short fix if your lucky. Some garages have quoted eight hours to carry out the work when really it takes less than two.



How sure are we of a first time fix?


Well when you drive to Aberdeen which is a twelve hour round trip you need to be sure it's right first time every time. Mobile repairs have 100% success rate. 

Windscreen condensation on renault clio due to leak from sunroof.

Most Renault dealers will charge you £80.00 + to tell you what you already know, that your sunroof is leaking.

Then comes the nice part when you are told how much it cost to replace the sunroof. Once you have gotten over the shock you will either live with the leak and hope the rain goes away or try and sell the car with the problem.

The fact is you don''t have to do any of they above just bring your Clio to us and for a reasonable price we will resolve your water leak by removing and refitting your roof so it will not leak.


All work comes with a full 12 months warranty but to be fair it should last the lifetime of the car but we have to be realistic with our warrantys. Sunroof can be used as normal once work has been carried out.  


We can come to your home or place of work.


For mobile repairs in England Scotland Wales


Phone or email us at [email protected]


Remember we offer a drain unblocking service at our workshop for the Megan Scenic and laguna and Espace plus many other makes of car.


This work has 100% success rate with work carried out in Scotland, South and North Wales, and London. Or you can calll in to see us and visit friends for an other night stop  or see one of our local football teams on the day. or even shop till you drop. We are proud to offer this service at such a great price and look forward to meeting people from around the uk. So make the call today and with the money you save you get to spend it on what ever you wish. We have been told that people are been quoted between £600 + vat and £1100 + vat. We give you a great saving just sit back and think how hard you work to earn that kind of money, Decide do you want us to come to you or you can call on a friend for the day.

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