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By robert fennon, Sep 1 2015 06:13PM

Sunday Times Motoring Section

Q My Renault Clio Sport has a glass-panel sunroof that has sprung a leak above the passenger-side sun visor. What do you advise?

MF, Birmingham

A Leaking Clio roofs aren’t uncommon, especially as age takes its toll. The specialists at Betta Windscreens ( say the most common source of water ingress in a Clio is the seal between the sunroof’s frame and the roof. The only way to solve this properly is to remove the frame, clean the roof and frame surfaces with white spirit and then refit it using plenty of silicone sealant. If you’re DIY-minded, it’s not a difficult job, though it is a tedious one. Betta Windscreens charges either £125 or £150, depending on whether the sunroof is manual or electric. A 12-month guarantee is included. DP

Posted 3rd October 2011 by cliobob

By robert fennon, Dec 15 2014 07:52PM

Betta Windscreens founded in 1988 by Robert Fennon x Autoglass fitter also known as cliobob and bettabob. Betta windscreens is famous for his service to water leaks on cars, one of a few companys that offer a mobile repair service for Renault Clio Sunroof repairs also Vauxhall corsa and combo van water leaks on the drives side caused by brake servo plate sealer. Cliobob the owner has been fitting and repairing sunroof and windscreens and repairing water leaks on all makes of cars since1979 so you can be sure no mater what car you drive you are in safe hands.

By guest, Dec 15 2014 06:58PM

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