Audi Citroen Ford & Toyota Water Leaks

First signs of a leak.



The first signs of a water leak can be the smell of stagnant water. or the glass getting wet on the inside of the car. Water leaks can go undetected for years, cars can leave the factory with a water leak and not be found till the car is out of warranty.  So if you spot water on the inside of the glass ask yourself have i spilt somethink? or is their any wet cloths in the boot? If the answer is no then you may have a leak. Now is the time to put it right give us a call to discuss your leak.



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Water geting into the car



Water Leaks on cars can be hard to locate, water can find its way in a number of ways. Some of the most common are sunroof if fitted, roof ariels roof gutters, rear lights, Door seals and they odd time its the windscreen or body glass, most common has got to be a blokage in the bulkhead of the car when the water can not find it way out its builds untill if finds its way in down the heater box. On finding water in the car it is best to attend to it sooner rather than later.

Audi A2 water leak into boot


First the car is striped

Just to give some idea as to the kind of things  we do. we spend lots of time locating water leaks on all makes of cars, because we work with glass and cars have a lot of glass people often look at the glass as the first thing to leak . The fitting of glass in the last twenty years has become second to none and it is very rare now for moden cars to leave the factory with a leak form the glass area. But should this happen then automotive glass fitters will be the first to find it and first to put it right


audi waterleak

Ford Focus Water Leak In Boot



This photo shows the point where water will go on entry to the boot on a ford focus. This car had 2 faults taking water to the same point. These are just a few of things we do at Betta Windscreens. What ever the car we will find the leak.



Ford Water Leak

Citroen c1 peugeot 107 and toyota aygo water in boot.



Just another water leak in the boot which we work on, should you own one of they above cars and are geting water in the boot  then bring it to us and we will put it right once and for all




citroen waterleak


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